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100% Silk Quilt Pure High-Quality Mulberry Silk

100% Silk Quilt Pure High-Quality Mulberry Silk

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The 100% high-quality double cocoon silk quilt has been urged for a long time, but because the moisture content of the silk quilt is too high, I dare not order it lightly. This time it is absolutely good, good, and rest assured. Real silk quilts are very expensive. In addition to genuine silk raw materials, labor costs are also a large part. Silkworms need to be fed for more than 30 days from hatching to making cocoons and becoming chrysalis, and then go through processes such as cocoon cooking, drying, wire drawing, inner casing, positioning, and outer casing. The whole process requires 3-4 people to complete manually. We have arranged supervisors to supervise the whole process to ensure that the filler is pure silk, long silk, white and clean without any blemishes. It is a high-quality double palace cocoon in silk, covered with light and breathable, Hermès in the quilt. Each quilt has a detection zipper opening to see the silk stuffing inside. The shopkeeper promises: every silk quilt is high-quality top-grade, free from adulterants, mixed with kapok, tussah silk, etc., shoddy.

The boiled silk is white, shiny, less blemish, and the length of the single filament can be stretched to very long, it is the real double cocoon silk

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